The Garden

THE 1989 we began constructing a garden in a sheltered valley on the farm called Strawberry Valley. 

There was already an existing small stream and lots of springs rising. We undertook to excavate a large lake and several smaller ponds and plant them out with a mixture of native and exotic plants. 
Three years later we built a rockery on the side of the hill, and since that time we have continued to plant and extend the garden. We have deliberately kept it a 'wild' garden, allowing native plants room to grow, in fact we have definite policies about leaving the grassy banks wild and encouraging wildflowers to seed about.

 The garden is at it's best in the spring. Each year we open at least once in February for visitors to enjoy the drifts of daffodils and the early flowering camellias. 
Early May is when the garden is at it's peak with the rhododendrons in full flower and everything set off by the wonderful backdrop of the carpet of bluebells through the woods. 
Because of the mild climate in this part of the country we are also fortunate in being able to grow many Mediterranean and Southern Hemisphere plants not normally hardy in the rest of the country. 
The garden itself covers about 12 acres with further areas in the woods partly planted.